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Property is assessed according to its use, location and value as of July 1. All property is reappraised every three years; annual adjustments are made to assessments for property with a change of value.


West Virginia offers a homestead exemption to its citizens that are 65 years old or permanently disabled.

The assessed value of property must be 60 percent of the properties' true and actual value. In most cases, that value is defined as the amount of money the property would be worth in a sale between a willing buyer and a willing seller.

In order to have property in West Virginia fairly and equally valued, all property is to be reappraised once every three years, and annual adjustments are to be made to the assessments for those for which a change in value is determined. All property, except farms and managed timberland property, is to be assessed annually at 60 percent of its then current fair market value.


Homestead Exemption

This program provides for a $20,000 exemption against the total assessed value of a singlefamily dwelling, including mobile or manufactured homes, owned and occupied as a residence by any person who is at least sixty-five years old or totally and permanently disabled and who has legallyresided in and paid taxes on a homestead in this State for two consecutive taxable years before filing for this exemption. However, if an owner receives a similar exemption for a homestead in another state, then the owner is ineligible for the Homestead Exemption in West Virginia.

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